Monthly Archives: April 2013

“Professor David Goulson, a bee expert at the University of Sussex whose research has found harmful effects from neonicotinoids, said: “There is now a very substantial body of scientific evidence suggesting that this class of insecticides is impacting on health of wild bees, and perhaps other wildlife too. It is time for the EU’s politicians to take a responsible position and support this ban.”


Nautilus Minerals, a ‘Deep Sea Mineral and Mining’ company held a press event for investors yesterday. CEO Michael Johnson explained that they hoped to resolve their dispute with the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) around June 1st. They want to be back up and running by the third quarter…

He claimed it was an ‘… innovative project…’ and ‘…relatively small..’ and that “…sub assembly…” had commenced and was ongoing, regardless of disputes with PNG.

I can’t express my disdain and absolute disgust for this type of engineering and exploitation of our planets resources enough…

This needs to be stopped.