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NASA CRS-NG-12 at Pad-0A Wallops Flight Facility, VA

A Poem from Pad 0A

To boldly go, where no one has gone before, is one of the most fantastic things humans can do. There’s still so much about our world and universe that we don’t know. From the deep ocean, to our Moon, to Mars… to Titan and Europa, moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and even further beyond our local system to exoplanets beyond… I truly believe it is worth going! To visit, to explore, and venture further. It’s curiosity that drives many of us, including myself. Although I didn’t go into space, I went to M.A.R.S. last month. This opportunity gave me a window and connection to folks who are helping support humans to, in, and research from space. It truly was inspirational, not only for me professionally as a scientific researcher, but also on a fundamental level it was personally inspiring to be a part of this bigger SPACE.