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I was startled to see this blog post in the Smithsonian!


What are these people (Engineers?) thinking!?

Isn’t this the wrong approach — Creating robots to do the work that animals used to do?

Wow, Smithsonian, you’ve taken a turn for the worse…


I stumbled across a very interesting website, which seems to provide open access / freely available and user friendly oceanographic software, in the form of a web application, which allows one to easily access complex oceanographic data-sets from NOAA or elsewhere.  Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

From their boiler plate:

What is Marinexplore

In an era of big data, when 90% of the oceans are still unexplored and mobile oceanic sensors are disrupting the industry, the tools and working processes for ocean exploration have changed little over the last 15 years.

Today, most public ocean data is disconnected, often archived and never used again. Professionals across offshore, marine technology & scientific community who rely on that data, are isolated from each other, while more than 80% of the exploration time today is spent on data processing.

We’re seeking to change that.