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Know of any graduate students attending ASLO Ocean Sciences 2016 who might be interested in submitting an abstract for an ocean science education/outreach project?

This session at ASLO Ocean Sciences 2016 in New Orleans will be run for graduate student presenters with all graduate student co-chairs and aims to give students an opportunity to present any education and/or outreach activities with which they are involved such as after-school programs, science fairs, social media platforms, science cafes, etc. Any abstract to this session will not prohibit the presenter(s) from also presenting in a research session. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


I was startled to see this blog post in the Smithsonian!


What are these people (Engineers?) thinking!?

Isn’t this the wrong approach — Creating robots to do the work that animals used to do?

Wow, Smithsonian, you’ve taken a turn for the worse…